About Us

Johnny and the Stray Hearts

About Us

We are an alternative folk band based out of Calgary, Alberta!

Formed in 2017 of local friends, we have played all over Calgary and the surrounding local areas, making a name for ourselves, and getting our sound out to the world. 

Our band has six members currently with Johnny Munro as the lead singer/song writer, joined on vocals by singers Kylie Poppe and Amalia Brown. The rest of the instrumental sound is brought by Kaelin Kraft on fiddle, Marlo Hepburn on bass, and Jonas Cornelson with percussion. 

In December 2019, we recorded our debut album, The Road, with our good friend Paul Zacharias of Wheelhouse Sound Studio. Slated for a 2020 spring release, the album was eventually pushed to the fall as a result of the Covid-19 Global Pandemic. With our first two singles "The Road" and "Out of Sight" debuting in August, we were finally able to release our full album on October 30th, 2020. 

Now that our music is online across all major platforms, we are excited to finally bring it to you in the form of physical CDs! Paired with our band merchandise, this is just another step that we are taking to share our passion in music, and hopefully inspire the creativity and art that helped bring our own dream to life!

Thank you for taking the time to support local music and small businesses! 


-Johnny and the Stray Hearts